We are developing a mod to HL2, "Fire!" and we really need some skinners and modellers. Mod idea is VERY unique I think :afro: just look at here for more information. So everyone interested contact me trough mail ([email protected]) or icq (190206580). Thanks.
Strange i just thought of a mod like that yesterday :)

This could be really interressant, so good luck !
your mod does sound pretty interesting.. actually looking forward to playin this.. goodluck!! and yah majestic is right.. you need a new site layout :)
Originally posted by Majestic XII
I think you need a webdesigner too :)

Are you trying to say to me that my webdesign sucks :D
ok ok.. well we have webdesigner but he is very busy on summerschool and stuff so those pages are JUST temporary. So no worries. But what we really need is those bloody skinners. cos we have like 2-3 modellers already so... peace out.
you need alot more modelers 5/6 would be my suggestion
oh of course. I just meant that there are more use for the skinners... cos job can be done by 2-3 modellers... slowernut anyway.
me and a friend were talking about game concepts that hadn't been done before, two of the ones we came up with were 1) a firefighting game, and 2) a cooking game.

so who wants to help me ake a cooking mod? using HL2 realistic physics to simulate4 vegatables being chopped up (remeber the watermelon from the tech demo)
What about a nacho-dip game? Now with 3000 polygons per nacho.

But seriously now, firefighting is an interesting concept, andit would be interesting to see how competition between the firefighters and the fire would work out.
thanks for the support guys :) cos I love this idea... and I hope that we can get great team up to do this playable to you guys :)
maybe a strategic element you could add would be the levels are progressional. like you would have a couple a smaller class firefighters that would have to hold back a fire while a higher class fire fighter uses a hose to push the fire back. Allthough if the team does not work together the fire will spread into old and new areas.

or maybe even combine this with the challenge of saving people from ther homes or rooms.
Yeah.. this sounds liek a great mod. i am definatly going to follow this