Food for Thought.


May 25, 2003
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All around the forum, i see people waiting for CS2, DOD2, TF2, and all the rest.

Take a look at how things worked out in the past. Action Q2 was one of the most popular mods before HL came out, and look what happened to AHL. It wasn't all that popular.

What's to stop a comparitively awesome new mod coming out and crushing CS2 and the like.

So spare a thought for some of the less official mods :)
I would love to see something new and I love it to crash CS2. I want something original... Don't know what.
A GTA style mod, oh wait, 3 of them are already in progress, and im a big fanboy of them. Grey City, Domestic Dispute, and my personal fav, Corporate Anarchy.
Yes, there is not exact formula to making a great mod. I think it's just luck. I remember the feeling of first playing CS .. or TFC. It was so much fun.

Surely a whole new mod will come out in the future to beat them all, we just have to wait and see. :)
In my mind, the only reason CS hasn't been "beaten" yet is because everyone is trying to copy it, not trying something new.
/me smacks Domokun in the back of the head.
TF's been around for a LONG time and still goin. There's some more food for thought.

I think just from popularity CS and DoD will get downloaded and played. They're fun games now so all they need to do is stay the same (which I'm sure they won't).

I'm very curious about what mod's will be released.

I'm also curious as to how many mods have been made and are in the making for HL1. Anyone got a number?
If you look on 85% of what is on there is only counter terrorist stuff or WW2 mods, im not against any of these but with the ammount of them that there are it is pointless making any more!! No one will play them because the few origanal ones will just piss on them from a great height, this is a pity as the people making them could make such origanal and amasing mods if they really wanted too.

now here is something that looks good:
Originally posted by Mr.Reak
I would love to see something new and I love it to crash CS2. I want something original... Don't know what.

Why would you love something to crash CS2? Do you mean another coutner terrorist mod or just something different to take the top spot in mods?

I think there always needs to be a good counter terrorism mod and a good ww2 mod if its CS2 and DOD then thats good. If its two other newer mods then thats good also.

I do hope new types of mods become big, the higher the variety of quality mods the better.