For all Eminem fans out there


May 24, 2003
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Here, download from Kazaa or somewhere else new song by Weird Al, called Couch Potato :D I was laughing so hard, couldn't get up from the floor :)
Originally posted by Mr.Reak
For all Eminem fans out there
*reads topic name again*
Uhhh, there's such a thing? Dear god! It's a sign of the Apocalypse!
*grabs gun*
*shoots self*

I hate Eminem, but ill download the song anyway...i'm bored as hell
Ive heard that song before. My brother downloads alot of Weird Al and its hilarious.
but... ...dude... isnt that illegal? :borg:

hehe j/k, im gonna download it anyway ;p
Why dont you use the legal download system. Everyone nowadays uses is. I alows you to download music which cant be burned onto CD or played in anythough other than spyware. Its the greatest thing ever.
p2p programs were declared legal.
buuuut their content is not
and why would I not use the legal download thingy?
I like being able to burn my music onto a cd, and I like free musaq.

naw Im jus' joshin' I buyest mine ceedees like a good yungun'
Downloads are like sex, its better when its free, LOL!
I used to like Weird Al, I liked most of his old stuff, but after "running with scissors' (well except a couple songs) it went downhill, this new "couch potato" off the "Poodle Hat" album, sucks majorly... it sounds like a rehash of his old songs, nothing too original except he is singing to the tune of that one eminem song.
anywhoo, not really my taste anymore. the lyrics as I said are unoriginal and sounds like something off of one his older albums.