Freelance: Do you need anything for your mod?


Jun 24, 2003
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Ok here goes, im not in position where I can work freelance for mods. This means I wont be permanent on any team but I am willing to help out with models if needed be. I can in the end make several models for one mod.

I am not asking for any money, just the recognition of my contributions to the mod that I made it for.

The things I wont do:

* Character Models (Not yet, im still aiming to get better on this before I let anyone ask me)

* World War Past Weapons (I am tired of old weapons, im allready in a steady team working on WW2 and damn its getting boring)

* If you want futuristic weapons I want detailed scetches or I wont do them

If you need help you can reach me 2 ways
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 124870637

dont PM me
dont email me
and whatever you do, do not ask over and over 100 times

when I say "il do it when I have time" chances are they wont be done. Then you are allowed to ask once more a few days later...

Please respect the fact that I have a full time job monday to friday and want to do some personall project on the small freetime I have. If I say I dont have time I dont have it...

Im itching to do a model now so first runner up will get a model of his choise if he sends me a note within 15 minutes of this post.

Chris, as i've said many times, your welcome to work freelance for OES (as far as i'm concered, but I'd have to check with rest of team) and full recognisition will be made for all your input (if not i'll attack people until you are)... although I could really do with a character modeller, as I'd like to concentrate on objects and weaponary for now, and I guess that the thing stopping me at the moment would be the muscle system... :(
wow, you've got my pencil on there (graphical one), and if it ain't it sure as hell looks like it :p :cheese:
Liberation of Seoul could use a freelancer. We have much work done, but could always use the extra help, especially with our huge list.
Chris, I have added you to my msn, and ICQ. What time zone are you located in? I am in GMT -8:00 (pacific standard time, west coast USA).

I look forward to talking soon.

:afro: <--heh, afro.
we could use a freelancer

we r a gangs/robbers/police mod set in a fictional city in the united states

cool, xbox model

[email protected] <my email
Yeah he is uber 1337!! check that M4 for crying out loud!! awesome build!