fukin showoffs

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Hey guys I was wondering if my computer will run Half Life 2 ok?

Pentium 8 20million ghz

22gigs rdram

radeon 800,000 super 1337 pro edition

49in flat panal monitor
u might need more ram =\ try searching like at crucialmemory.com, they have a memory selector which tells you what memory to get for your system
did you get an F on your report card and mommy wont buy you one or something?...get a ****ing job chump, stop complaining
Originally posted by Shockwave
did you get an F on your report card and mommy wont buy you one or something?...get a ****ing job chump, stop complaining

I really think you need to upgrade, go with the super duper 1337 pro edition, more bandwidth.
hehe, i guess shockwaves mommy just bought him a new comp!
attaboy shockwave, keep up those grades
Shyguy, instead of whinging that your PC's probably a 286 and can only render these very forums in a colour depth of 4, how about you do, as Shockwave said, run along and get a Job instead of bitching because people have done something with their lives. People with better PC's than you have such things because they do leave the house.

Unless of course your one of the many pre-pubecent gamers who thinks he's gods gift to all things 3D in which case, I have to use the well known phrase STFU.

Go and grow some pubes before you come in here flapping your gums about things you don't understand.
im 25, work 50hrs a week, I bought my moms computer...

Chrono, this is the 2nd post ive seen of yours with "pre-pubecent gamers" in it.
I think the main point he was making was that some gayboys come on here and say will my PC run HL2 and they proceed to give their specs and include in that their case (once a saw a vapochill quoted) and their CD drive write/re-write/read speeds. They had good systems, but if you know anything about games and your arent showing off, you know its not nesseccary to quote those 2 details.

Most students dont even have the cash to buy a rag to wipe their arses with. Its not that they havent made something of their lives, its just they're on the way to getting there. A lot of us students will excel the status of many people in these forums at a later date in our lives.

As for the pre-pubecent bit, are you obsessed with people who dont have pubes? *cough* peadophile *cough* :O ;)
Pipe down children. Before I spank your ass yellow and blue.
-_- MR big mouth :)

anyway.. it dont see the problem off those threads really.. if the mods dont like em then they will close em. the anoying thing is when people post complaining threads about things that they find anoying..

so STFU!
Enough of the abuse please.
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