Funny mod- politically incorrect?!?

Fat Tony!

Jun 12, 2003
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Ok the idea is Bush vs Terroism. Choose ure side america or the terrorists... maybe later it could be America vs World lol. This is my undeveloped idea that needs expanding. Any ideas. Ps i cant code lol so im not making it.
Don't do America verses the world, lol, if this was done well then it would work properly as the Americans and the Terrorists would have very different tactics...i'm thinking of this as kind of like an RTS like Urban Assualt but otherwise it would be a CS clone...
Well actually maybe if u play as a terrorist u gotta go around the city disgised as a civillian a bit like a spy on TF then u gotta plant a bomb or something to kill as many civilians as possible u can plant it anywhere but u only have one+ u have to do it alone and survive maybe a single mod maybe a multiplayer MOD or maybe both. That would be cool.
Yeah that'd be cool. Let's make a mockery of all the innocent people who lost their lives to senseless terrorism. What a great way to show the world that games aren't responsible for violent action, make a game where you can dress as a civilian and kill thousands of innocent people.
Let's make a mockery of all the innocent people who lost their lives to senseless terrorism

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.......
God ure not really killing real people in the game its just like any other shoot em up u kill people they die, its not real. Get a grip. Lol anyway i need ure ideas !!!! :)
how bout it goes back and forth where you play reprisal attack/defense missions. Terrorists have to blow up an embassy, US spec ops target a smart bomb on some guys hotel room. Terrorists attack civilians, US makes an arms shipment to another radical group which will target civilians in terrorist country
Wot are u on about are u trying to make this into a debate or are u making a suggestion
I notice you said "Funny mod" in your thread subject -
It's not

I also noted you asked "politically incorrect?!?" -
it is

so, is this a plug for your mod or are you going to try to listen to peoples' responses instead of becoming defensive?
Yea well i never quite worked out wot i was gonna do really+no one has made a suggestion yet+ i cant make MODs so well forget this thread it got out of hand. :) peace all that i have annoyed.

PS close my thread plz i dont want any more abuse :(
hmmm, well I geuss it's time for someone to ask the mundane question....

Are they real?!?!?

Sorry, I'll get my coat...
the people you kill in video games?!? :p

The original post should of really read:

or are they really real?!?
still I don't like's a bit too close to the bone.....could end up as 'try-to-hard-controversial-exploititive' trash.....
*no comment* apart from the fact that it was meant to be like that in the first place :p