Gaming on Laptop

May 30, 2003
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I've only owned Laptops in my life, so that's where I've done my gaming. Question is: do you think modern laptops are up to spec to run nifty games? Mine have been adequate, and now I'm working on getting a spiffy Dell Notebook before Sept. 30.

So do you think a modern laptop is adequate for a full gaming experience or not?

Post your thoughts, ruminations, concerns.....

/me you're a gumba.
laptops are o, but not for extended gaming sessions. they overheat, they slow down, they artifact....bad stuff happend to laptops when you plau graphic heavy games for a while on them.
Wow, that is a serious system. But twice what I priced out at dell for comparable specs, I guess the:devil: is in the details.
Dell also makes good game laptops. PC Gamer had them about equal, mainly cuase Dell had longer batter life, was slimmer, and lighter.

btw. 300!
Awesome. Also I chose to stick with Dell cause they have the best customer service. I know people who said that they've gotten brand new machines when Dell wasn't able to fix their hardware problems.:)
Get a Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility inside that laptop. They're speedy and run cool. Perfect for roadwarriors.