Half life 2 figurines


May 18, 2003
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You know what would be cool.. to have Halflife 2 figurines, made by McFarlane toys. it would be great to have strider figurine on your desk, or some antlions and antlion guards.
Great idea there matey!

I would love that to happen.
I've got a whole army of striders and combine soldiers on my desk at the moment made from blue tack. Although I guess more professional ones would look a little better.
BlueTAC lol :cheese:

Would be a good idea though, You can get Halo figures from the USA nice to have a STRIIIDERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on your tower or moniter what ever..
Personally id like to see a Gordan Freeman figure with Crowbar swinging action. Then i would get headcrab figures and make them duke it out everyday until September 30th.
Hell, yeah... And I like Mullinator's idea... Gordon with realistic crowbar-swinging action... WHEE.
Idunno, maybe the figures would be about 6 inches tall (well, the human/humanoid ones, anyways) with highly articulated limbs... whee! Would be fun. I'd make some myself, but I'm too damn lazy and somehow content with staring at a computer monitor for 6-18 hours a day. x_x
I like that idea .. it would look really nice on my tower.
Or an antlion crawling out of a hole, or one of the combine soldiers arresting some pedestrians.. like seen in one of the official shots
Have one of those rippers from the tunnels demo, held up on a stand, with a working fan to keep you cool while you wait :)
h00dlum lol thats geeky..

i dont think so m8 its a bloody great idea..
lol Bad^Hat, that's a kick-ass idea. especially because my room is always hot ass hell and i dont have a fan :/
or a combine gasmask alarm clock.. that would be sweet

If HL2 figures are made i hope they won't turn out really tacky and cheap. They should be in really fancy boxes, specially designed for putting on a shelf or something.

But crowbar-swinging action would be cool too! *WHACK*


Trooooogdoooooor--wait i mean striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddderrrrrrrrrr!
Burninate the country side! Hmm... figuirines sounds like the Blizzard ones.:bounce:
i'd love some of those tbh, a scentist perhaps that trembles in fear whenever there is a noise, i'd have to get a g-man, gordon, a combine and a strider, hell, i'd buy the set!
Like when Gordon points his finger to tease him.. Think what U could replace the finger with ^_^
I will take a crowbar and paint it red... then i will scratch "Property of Gordon Freeman" on it, i could sell it on Ebay for a shitload of $$$$
Originally posted by Laguna
Ooooh Yeah.. :LOL:

I swear to god some wierd f4cking idiot will actually buy it and clame to be real
Originally posted by figge
I will take a crowbar and paint it red... then i will scratch "Property of Gordon Freeman" on it, i could sell it on Ebay for a shitload of $$$$

LOL.. I am thinking of buying a crowbar and hangining it on the wall behind my computer :)