Half Life Storyline


May 17, 2003
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Would anyone be so kind as to sum up the Half life storyline for me and fellow people who havnt played Half life 1..

I dont care about spoilers I dont plan on playing half life .. well.. unless my store gets it in >.<
Scientists, and unknown piece of materia, an experiment, dubble crossing goverment, ailens, portals, a man with a briefcase, blood, slime, death, ammo, weapons, babes in leather outfits...
...aaww... go play the game istead... :dork:
your store doesnt have hl1? poor guy..
/me wraps Ender in a blanket and takes him home
Yeah.. it sucks.. thanks for the... whatever the hell it was.. figge.. but im still very confused.... very.. confused..
Why dont you just go out and buy the game. It's only £5 and it happens to be the best game of all time (award given by pc gamer). Just get it. NOW!!!
did you happen to even read the post? if you did.. you would know my store doesnt carry half life.. kthxbye

EDIT: note the big edit letters,

there are currently only 3 stores that sell.. well.. regular(no barney goes to mcdonald land for meh) computer games.. none of them carry it..
You can download halflife for free if you sign up for steam2.0. Currently available on fileplanet.com, gameshack (i think) and csnation.counter-strike.net.
You play the game as a scientist called Gordon Freeman. Basically you work in a top secret facility called Black Mesa.

You and your guys are working an an unknown experiment that lets you switch between worlds (the other world in question is called Xen, pronounced Zen).

The experiment goes wrong, badly wrong. Thousands of Xen aliens invade black mesa, you have to fight your way out. At the same time lots of government troops are called in to kill everything that moves, including you!

A mysterious man called the G-Man seems to be the reason why this happened. We dont know if hes evil or not, if hes really an alient, whatever.

Thats the basic story, there are lots of twists and turn. At the end of the game, u appear to save the world, seal the rift between earth and xen and go work for g-man.... However s we now know from HL2... the rift was not sealed properly...

Hope it helps
Alright.. thanks SD1.. that pretty much covers my confusion up with more confusion.. but it still helps


I dont like ordering from the net .. cant get it from steam since I dont have a fileplanet account.. my fileshack account only lets me play CS..
hmmm well lets see, there's this little thing called the internet that you just happen to be using at this moment. Why don't you just order it from the net. Or, you can get it for free from steam.
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Before i get called blind, i missed the previous post about the net. Sorry about that, just trying to help.
Well its ok.. just a little mistake.. now lets all be friends.. no richard simmons impressions please.

EDIT: well thanks.. i might just have to stop being lazy and order of the net.. or get a fileplanet account
Not sure, but i think you can get steam for free (this was covered in another thread somewhere) without subscribing. Just ask around, and i'm sure someone will tell you. You really should make an effort to get half life somehow though, as knowing the story doesnt reflect the game's greatness. Good luck :)
Go into the steam forum. Follow the libk to the FREE steam download.

Install steam, download Half Life for free

Very simple!