Half-Life2 x CS1.5 or CS1.6



Someone knows anythink about the impact of HL2 over CS1.5 or CS1.6.
Impact of HL2 over CS 1.5\1.6? What are you talking about? For me, screw 1.5\1.6, I want something new. But I bet people with slow computer will still play it, so there.
CS will be popular for quite some time to come, methinks. I don't know. I never really liked CS (except for very short periods of time), so I can't say why the community's so obsessed with it, but I don't think HL2 will make a huge impact on it. In any case, I can imagine either a CS2 or a clone thereof will be just as popular on HL2.

Seriously though, the release of Half-Life 2 (and consequently CS2) will make CS1 obsolete in a couple of months.
The release of a sequel never necessarily makes it's predecessor obsolete.

I.E/ Asherons Call 2.

However, once I get HL2, I'm 98% sure i'll never go near anything labled Countestrike again.
CS2 is probably the secret mp with hl2. Ha...right.
Bah.. don't scare me like that.

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Meh, halflife deathmatch and whatever other goodies there are will keep me perfectly busy. Just wondering tho, Think about yer favourtie CS maps now. And then apply HL2 physics to them... It would play so weird. Cardboard boxes that are strategically placed by map makers could be pushed around, completely destroyed, most doors would be broken down, some lvls (aim map) would be unplayable lol. Where I know hl2 physics will be fun in HL2 I don't think perfect physics are good for everything. I think Cs 1.5/1.6 are better for not having those physics.
Whats a shame is the mod makers have spilled thier guts out making mods for us (DOD, NS, CS), and along comes HL2 and pushes them aside :(
Damn 606...didnt even realize, last time I checked I was at like 358. Of course, that was about 3 weeks ago.:)

And yea, DM would be sufficiant for me, I'd play that and singleplayer until some good mods came out. Corporate Anarchy, Grey City, and Domestic Disupute all look like GTA-style mods, and if they can pull it off should be VERY, VERY fun.
Deathmatch...... BTW I wanna see a motorcycle in CS just for the fun it.
It'd only be good if it had a sidecar that Alyx could go in, or some other slut, imagine team DM, with a partner in the side car, *drooool* so many possibilities.
I think that this is unlikely, but do you think that they will have the option of going prone??? I'd like to be able to go prone in CS2 complete with the ability to quick roll to the right or the left ala America's Army. Oh, and the nightvision had better not suck and there had better be maps where NV would be useful. .......and possibly a heartbeat monitor like in Raven Shield.......
I found NV only useful in militia with lights off in the sewer and a scout, unless the other guy had his gamma JACKED, u'd mow them down every time.

I'm not sure I'd like a prone in CS2.... Prone makes it to easy to camp somewhere lol.
It's been confirmed that CS2 is in development. Personally, I am buying HL2 pretty much JUST for the MODs. Of course, I'll play, and beat HL2 while I'm waiting, unless the secret MP with HL2 is CS2, I'll be jumping right onto that...drool....if CS2 IS the secret MP, then I smell LOTS of money for valve/sierra/GABE!!!!
If it isn't, I smell even more money for those who buy HL2 + CS2.
i don't think CS is a game that needs great graphics... why wasn't CS modded for the quake 3 engine? i think it's more of a gameplay issue, and if cs2 is going to be released, things are going to be changed, some people are not going to like it, and cs1 will survive. but i'm still getting cs2 for the heck of it ;)
If CS2 brings nothing new to the game, I see no point of it being made. Better graphics? Well, why bother with HL2, just move it to UT2003 engine.
I bet many people will be pissed off, because with new physics everything will be movable, and you won’t be able to camp behind some box.
Haha... that would be kinda cool... Manipulator cheat, people are camping behind a box and you just pick it up and shoot it away, then they are cowering in fear in the corner.

But I can't see CS2 acting too much differently from CS1, as far as physics go. Maybe I'll be surprised though
yeah. i don't see the core gameplay being much changed either. rather, there will be greater level design options, for realistic environments. destructable walls and doors, vehicles, choppers, ropes and other new tools. maybe new weapons that weren't practical for pre-source CS.

I think it'll be cool. I might play CS still while they fine tune it.. unless they include TF2 or really phat HL MP options. then i might forget for awhile...