May 19, 2003
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Uh well since valve is releasing new video coverage through steam id like to know where to download it at if anyone could please tell me also on a 28.8k right now actually for the next 4 weeks but hopefully ill get to see these new videos coming.
I am not sure it is going to be released through steam, beacause steam is for programs like Cs and other.
Even if it does you probably could still get it somewhere else
Ya btw 28.8k forget it..steam = cable(dsl)
If you dont have steam already and your on a 28k your bumming. Once you install steam it transfers your half life folder over to steam and starts to update it. You'll be downloading updates for days on your 28k before you even touch the hl2 videos
im on my dads laptop....half life isnt even on here but i just downloaded steam 2.0 in like 20 minutes over this wondering how HL2 videos will show up on i have to click the monitor tab and they will just appear?
You dont have to do anything..i think it was a spam and the screenshot was fake about Steam/hl2

Btw wait until tomorrow and see if as said above any new HL2 media is going to get released