May 29, 2003
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I recently bought a 120 gb hard drive(im installing it as additional storage), when I went to put it in, it said that it was only a 31.4 GB hard drive. After reading in the manual and such, i have discovered that it is a BOIS limitation error, I have a Soyo K7ADA V1 mother board, The Soyo website said if i update the BIOS it should recognize a 120 GB HDD. Ive been trying to update the BIOS but it wont work. It said to just put the .bin file on a floppy, set the floppy to the first boot device, and when a message appears about it hit alt+f2, no message came up, it just said non-system boot disk(or something like that) replace and press any key when ready. Then the Soyo website told me to put AWDFLASH and the .bin on a floppy and make a startup disk. I tried formatting a MS-DOS prompt startup disk through windows XP, but that didnt work, so i went to and downloaded the windows xp boot disk and put it on a floppy, each time I put it in it didnt work. Someone help me!

OS: XP Pro
MB: Soyo K7ADA V1
HDD: Maxtor 120G Diamond series 9
I don't know too much about flashign BIOS, but i'm sure there are a few good tutorials out there.
Hey just so i dont have to start a new thread, a case im buying says Tooless. Whats that mean?