Hey guys i need some help...


May 23, 2003
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Ok this just started happening. When i open up Internet Explorer and type in a url adress, no matter what i type in it takes me to this site that says Cool Web Search if i dont put in http:// in front of the url. It just started doing it. And it also puts a link to the site in my favorites called Web Search. Now i have virus scanned my computer and i am clean, have used Ad Aware to get all spyware off the computer, and even repaired Internet Explorer twice, and this thing will not go away. I need some help big time!
you prolly got a program installed
if you cant find the program or if you are not sure if you got it you can test this by:

running latest adaware deleting all the found files
start explorer (it does it again)
start adaware again and it will find same crap again.

look in your installted software list there is prolly a program installed that keeps changing your reg keys when your pc restarts...delete it as it is not a virus or it is not know to adaware as general nasty junk
yeah ive had that once, things like that come with edonkey while installing, I simply went to add and remove progs and it cleared it, yeah like loque said, do a check for adware and spyware
i had the same with edonky and some other adware shit..
Originally posted by nietzsche
SuperBar installed itself onto my system without me knowing about it. I had to uninstall the software by downloading an uninstaller from the developer's website. I had similar symptoms as Dr.Sbaitso.

tell me you didn't actually download that uninstaller! asshat...read the pop-up "only agree to download files from this site if you TRUST the company"(something like that anyway)...now...do you TRUST a company that installs crap on your comp. without your consent???

nope...I had something similar "Common name" and there a way around it....at least you can try it this way...

the problem is that you can't delete it because the files are in use...u can't shut down those files in use(ctrl+alt+delete) because it makes the comp. crash and you can tell it not to start up via Msconfig(god damn annoying)....however you can place the directory where the program is installed in the trash-bin then shut it off via. msconfig then delete the whole crap....then go to reg-edit and delete anystuff added by the program(don't mess with regedit, if you don't know what you're doing...or do soma backup before you delete anything)
you've gotta admit that it's pretty risky(=dumb) to dowload shit from a company that placed stuff on your harddrive without your consent in the first place...especially knowing that they could just aswell have provided you with the ****ing uinstaller in the first place...

I was just on the safe side and didn't want to download any of their shit...had no problems other than that...
I have not installed Kazaa or Edonkey because those programs are usless to me, i have run adaware a million times and can clear everything. The problem is i dont know where my problem is located at.
Ok i think i know what the problem is but i need to know can i delete everyhting in the Windows TEMP file? Not Temporary Internet Files but the TEMP directroy
I deleted everything in my TEMP file and one file would not get deleted cause it said it was in use by the computer, it is some .tmp file. I think that might have been the source but i cant delete it. It is sitting in my recycle bin. I tried to go to command prompt while it was still on the hard drive and it said my temp folder was empty so i tried to delete the temp directory and it said file not found. I am confused any ideas on how to empty this thing from my computer?
Guys i am going insane if anybody has any ideas on how the hell to get this file off the computer i am all ears.
Yes i have tried and it cannot find the file, but it is cool now cause i have just formated my drive and fresh installed windows. Now i just have to reinstall all my programs. Thnx anyways guys.