HL: The new story

Jun 30, 2003
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In Half-Life 2, the game takes place assuming u took the job offer from the G-Man. But you were also able to refuse in the original HL. Don't u think Valve should make another HL game about what if you didn't take the G-Man's offer and now, he's chasing ur @$$ down.:thumbs:
You couldn't choose the other option i think :/
if you didn't choose to go with the Gman, you ended up in a dark room, then when the lights come on, you ae surrounded by monsters...........most certainly a painful demise
You dont stand a chance in the other room, especially with no weapons :)
I dunno: I was a pretty good jumper. The real problem is that the screen goes dark even if you are still alive and fighting: so you never get to see if you win. :)
No. It was a small room, about 500 of those guys, and you with no weapons. You're dead. Forget it. No chance. Move on in life.
I dont think it was a small room, but either way there is NO WAY you can survive. In fact, the CGM article had, uh, whoever they interviewed for it, joke that if you refused the G-Man's offer it would be an easy sequal to make.
Originally posted by Tredoslop
In Half-Life 2, the game takes place assuming u took the job offer he's chasing ur @$$ down.:thumbs:

And once he catches you he's gonna make you his bitch. Suck it down!
Its like 10 monsters, not 500 :p
But there is like 20 "fake monsters there to"

try to use noclip ;)
hahaha cardboard cutout grunts, they got cheap...

there were only 6-8 real grunts... he could take them out easily.