HL2 Best of E3 (no DUH)

I think Doom III did the same thing last year, got all these awards, am I right? You see I didn't really cared about last year's E3, missed it.
Ya I missed last years too. Not that it really mattered, it was this years that counted.
i read that like, last week some time it was on all the other sites. Why is this one different?

Not trolling or anything, but were the other ones like pretend wins or something?
you couldn't read it last week, they only opened it today, on June 10th.
They were gaming mags doing their own little awards. This is the offical show awards.
Yea, the last few years I really havent been into gaming, but once I started playing cs, the ball really got rolling again. I feel like a kid again:bounce:
oh i see i must have been looking at gamespys ones.
What i don't understand much is that HL2 has been showed one year after doom III and it's going to be released when? in september? And doom III, that is supposed to be 1 year worse technologically speaking, will be released next year. Very bad for Sr carmack :cheese: .