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May 22, 2003
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as we've all noticed HL2 seems to have rather huge outdoors areas(especially the dried-out sea one) I was wondering how freely you can roam these levels...and how many different routes there are from point A to point B....and how they choose to limit them...I hope they won't be using the "invisible wall" trick(last seen in Unreal2...mayor disappointment there!)...also how freely will you be able to pass back and forth between the areas(including load areas)....for some reason I get the feeling that the way you can roam through the whole city17 and sorrounding areas is like the way you do it in "postal2"...which would be kind of cool(as long as you don't have to pick up milk)

I hope the routes won't be waaaay to linear...and leading you by the nose, especially when they ought not*cough* jungle levels in SoF2*cough*

anyways give your thoughts on this one...

ps. these forums are ****ing slow right now!
To be honest...know one knows...none of us have played it so we dont know....only the devs do :)....but lets hope we can explore beyond the indented route :D

yeah the forums are slow today :(
Well, from what we've seen I wouldn't say the maps are any bigger than the origanal HL. For example the Sea Bed one wasn't that big, it was just open. I mean it could go on for very far, or it may end right on that road where the movie ends.

Still I don't expect it to be too linear, mostly from what I've seen in the one with the booby traps and the sewer one. In the sewer he starts going forward, then is chased back by the flying things and takes a different route and ends up getting to Alyx. Maybe if he'd gone forward it would have just go him some ammo or something, but I'm hoping it would have led him to his destination in another way.

Either way the city (like the game) is looking awesome to me!
The levels are going to be way bigger then the HL1 levels.. thats for sure. but they will be cut up into smaller pieces for faster loading times etc.
fast loading times are a big must for me :D, if they where slow and horrible I would really kill myself
/me plays with the "awwfull" thought of simmo2k3 killing himself
I just hope City 17 is pretty open ended. Kind of like GTA 3 in how you can roam anywear, and how the people of the city appear to be going about on their daily business.
HL2 is a FPS, not the SIMs. Yeah, people going about their business, while aliens taking over the Earth.
Originally posted by Mr.Reak
HL2 is a FPS, not the SIMs. Yeah, people going about their business, while aliens taking over the Earth.

haha :cheese:
Originaly posted by Mr.Reak
HL2 is a FPS, not the SIMs. Yeah, people going about their business, while aliens taking over the Earth.

What I meant was only during times when their were no battles going on. HL1 had a long period of normality at the beggining after all.
Oh I see now, I bet there will be something like that.
Yeah, some of the scenes were like that but the scenes I always loved were like when everything was calm for awhile and you were just making your way through the game and all of a sudden the scary halflife music starts up and your like oh damn something is going down and like there ends up being tons of grunts or aliens and its like ooo shit....i loved those moments....
And then when your playing you open up a gate to hell and get sucked into it and forced to paly diablo all day.
Yes Half Life 2 better be filled with those kinds of scenes...

*shakes fist in general direction of Valve Headquarters*
I don't think they have to be enormous, just because they don't need to be in single player.
from the looks of City 17 in the demo it looked abandoned, which would mean there are no people there to be going on about there buisiness. which would make sense if their city just got taken over by aliens
There are citizens in City 17, but not very many.

I'm interested in Multiplayer maps.

-Will they be bigger?
-How many players?
Yeah, Valve said their multiplayer will be something special. I can't wait to find out! A 25 min video and still we don't know much about this beauty :)
LOL Valve are obviously really good at what they do, release just so much as they can to get the hype going but not enough so there'll still be alot to speculate about. Very nice...
If the maps can be as big as in Q3 then I'm happy.....I'd hate to see them at the same size as in original half-life...
That way you can't have any eyecandy outside the map, which sucks :)
Also I'd love it if the game did support 64 players, the thing is that you could take the mods alot further.
All these ww2 mods that'll turn up can have different groupd on all teams, the maps can be alot bigger, so you won't even have to see the other parts of it, but if you want too, you just bring your group and help the rest of the team... aye the possibilities
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
I think, judginf from the E3 footage, that the maps will be quite large. The HL1 engine had problems rendering large outdoor areas. This was one of the shortcommings that bothered the Valve team and it was something they addressed early on. I think we will definatey be awed by the scope of the outdoor areas.