HL2 Mod intern



Hey all you Modders.

I'm really interested in getting my feet wet with working on a mod. I don't have too much experience /skill to provide, so I could be a modding intern, so to speak. I'm currently teaching myself C++/VC++ and I'm also teaching myself game programing from a book by Andre LaMothe.
(On chapter 2 about windows programming :flame: )

Anyway, if you need someone like this, or just have a big heart and don't mind newb questions give me a shout at [email protected].

Thanks for yer time.
well this sucks, only one post, and it wasn't even a sentence long. Thanku guinny.
Well... we would like you :) ....send me a PM if you are interested :)

EDIT: you see I'm new too... so I would be glad to help you
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/me see one more coder goes by....cant do anything cuz his mod is a schoolproject starting in august.....hmm....this is the 3:rd
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