Hl2 Video Interview

Thanks indeed. I just noticed it on Gamespot, and wondered why I hadn't heard anything about it yet.

Any revelations to share while I'm dl-ing? I'm not expecting too much as it was pre-E3, but I'm jonezing for HL2 news.
and thxs to me as well :D, oh and is everyone getting decent speeds downloading the interview ?
Very decent. 40-50kb/s on a 512ADSL line (northern europe, if that makes a difference).
It a little boring. Just so everyone realizes it, there is ZERO game views in. An Mp3 of the interview would have sufficed since it just shows Gabe and another sitting there while interviewed.
They just talk about basic things like, why, what, you know, but its good to have it, now you can say to yourself, "Phew, I have all the released HL2 videos"
28.8k! Those things still exist? No really i didnt think anyone would have that. I mean im not saying everyone would have Cable or anything but 28.8K old.
very long but good :D its wierd to look back at the old HL1 and then HL2...............:bounce: :afro:
Originally posted by The Mullinator
I hate having a 28.8K connection, makes it impossible for me to download this.
My god...I feel sorry for you. I thought having 56k sucked enough...wow. I remember downloading like 20 megs of something took a full day...I'm so sorry :/
Downloading the MP3 right now...420 megs isn't worth the download time to see an interview...thanks for ripping it RoyalEF.

I had 56k exactly 6 years ago and you still have 28.8k!?!?! LOL
420 megs? wow the one I downloaded is 40 (and its video)

I just switched from cable to Pac Bell DSL. Cheaper than cable and still plenty fast ($34.95/month vs $47.50 a month for Adelphia cable). Best thing about it is that it uses your existing phone line so you can surf the net and talk on the phone at the same time.