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May 24, 2003
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I just remembered something i noticed a few days ago. i watched the new matrix, then the HL 2 vids, then i saw the matrix again and noticed that the sub machine gun the twins (white ghost guys) had was the ump-looking gun w/ the laser sight on it just like the one Alyx throws to Gordan in the lab preview where he knocks off the monitor. so watch for that when you see the matrix :D
the one in half life looks a little more compact though... like a ump has a longer magazine kinda thing.
and yeah those guys in the matrix did use a ump.
yeah the twin guy in the matrix had an ump. the gun alyx hands gordon is an mp5k (shorter verion of the mp5) but the one he holds is an MP7 (i think thats what i heard)
both those links lead to the same gun, 1 just has a lot of accesories.
yeah, well the matrix can't use a real gun cause half life uses a real gun!

The guns exist in rela life, it's not like Matrix/Half Life stole the gun from the other....
i never said anything of the sort. i was simply pointing out that the guns were very similar
I got a really nice picture of a PDW/MP7 in real life check it out

Why does UMP fire so slow in CS ? While in real life it fires so fast....omg hax
i feel sorry for the sucker with the mp7 pdw blah blah blah.

when that other guy had like a huge machine gun. what is it like an m60 or something?
Fist off, could you get a bigger picture for such a small gun?

2ndly I knew they were the same gun, except one is the MP7, one is the MP7 SD.

As for the MG the guy is holding, I'm not sure what it is. But considering their German I'd guess it's in the FN family, it looks like a mix between the FN MK46 and the FN M249. I'd be surprised if there isn't atleast one person here who knew pretty much everything about it though.
Nah that weapon is just the FN M249, the MK46 is a variant of the M249. Haha plus FN is a Belgian company, not German :p
And the guy next to the machinegunner has a G36

Just thought you'd all like to know :p
Is it me or does that guy in the foreground look a little pissed off that he's only got a little dinky toy of a gun whist the others get huge cannons to play with? :cheese:
lol yeah.. and what is grandpa doing in the back
The big machine gun is a H&K MG43

And the guy with the MP7 is the platoon leader

As usual, as more power u have as smaler is ur thing, ahm i mean gun.