how about a Night of the Living Dead mod?



Night of the Living Dead (the remake) and it's sequels; Dawn of the Dead; and Day of the Dead would make excellent mods. I know of only one zombie mod right now in production for the 1st half-life game...and thats a resident evil mod.

Dawn of the Dead took place in a shopping mall...that would be such a badass mod, if you could make it co-op like sven coop...or even single player..granted it would take a shit load of work for the stores and everything..but still it'd be ORIGINAL

Most mods that are made nowadays are multiplayer tactical or team based combat...which kind of sucks..since it shows just how unoriginal everyone has become...alright another cs clone!!...

so why dont you mod makers stop trying to fit in with the l33t crowd and make something good thats not tactical warfare or terrorism based.
way to jsut make my mod sound like crap....

/me goes and crys in a cornor....
I totally like that idea. killing zombies with a shotgun you stole from a weapon shop that lies in dah mall. Great idea!

Now go make!
illl make maps for it.
but you will have to get more people.
resdog, totally with you on that one. Ever since hl and the beginning of mods ive always wanted someone to create a dawn of the dead mod inside a mall that was co-op or humans and zombies but you could pick either class. I loved that movie and i really hope someone will make a mod like that and hopefully it wont be shitty.
Yeah, would be fun to just try and survive for 10 minutes. Blocking the zombies out as long as possible and when they´ve broken through just try and stay alive the rest of the time. If you die you turn into one of the living dead.
Sounds like an awsome mod.. definatly a coop type of game

If you were going to do it you could make three big missions, part 1.. where you and other people hold up in a house, part 2 in a mall and part 3 in an underground bunker