Hsu & Chan - Announced for the Future



Let's get this clear now, I'm NOT making this mod now, I'm already leading Spade and this project I don't think I'd want to Executive Produce, but rather lead the team altogether.

If you don't know what Hsu & Chan is, head to www.ape-law.com/evilmonkey and read up youngun!

Basically, this is an MP(although we should have a singleplayer attachment sometime after release) mod based on Norm Scott's Hsu & Chan comics, which can be found at the above link, and monthly in Electronic Gaming Monthly(now on the last page). To keep things simple, it's a class-based comedy mod with a couple of game modes. Now, let's start off with the Game Modes shall we?
Capture the Flag: This is your standard gameplay that is against the law to exclude from comedy mods. We all know what it is.

Game Creation: Works sort of like the Doomsday Device game mode in No One Lives Forever 2. VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT though. Currently, they're set in various malls. Both teams start at opposite parking lots and have to make their way through the NPC populated mall to the various game shops to collect(aka steal) game design ideas. Multiplayer, Console, Storyline, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, and Title(3 parts for title need to be collected). To get games you have to collect money, you do this by killing enemies and picking their pockets. Everyone starts off with $25, and the player gains another $50 for every 10 kills. Once they die they respawn with no money. If you pick the other team's pockets and they have a game, you need to return it to the store and get a 50% refund. The first team to collect the games and rips off enough content for a craptastic game wins.

Utter Streetfighting: Set in urban/suburban areas, both teams must kick eachothers ass in order to take ground. When one team controls all but the spawn buildings they win.

I'm currently trying to figure out the classes, but so far I have Gila Mobster as a Flamethrower Troop. That I do know:borg: This is still in heavy development and will go into production sometime around winter or next year's spring.