I dont know what to do.



:bounce: I was jumping all day finding an unique idea. That dificult so i had to drop the idea and make another.

WHO IS ON TO MAKE A Starship Troopers Mod ? Well go through the movie a couppel of times and make the weapons and alot more... Then there is another Problem... Alien (Sorry toi say t but aliens sux... want aliens go play AVP) So what we need is 2 fighting eachother ... then there is the 1337 counter-strike problem it is gonna be some LAMAH shit with 2 teams storming eachother... Well help me out and lets make an unique mod... or something.

Monkeh ... :cheers:
lol i think we need a translation/write it again when you've eaten less sugar
WHO IS ON TO MAKE A Starship Troopers Mod ?

I got the feeling that its not going to be a question of, IF anybody makes a Starship Troopers Mod, But rather HOW MANY Starship Troopers were going to be seeing. I can imagine ways to make one ROCK, or SUCK just as easily. And I'll bet we get the full spectrum within 6 months of HL2's release.

The Punisher
I really with they finished the Starship troopers mod for HL 1, god it looked so darn good:cheers:
No no no you got me all wrong .. ok .. the shugar is a problm sorry ;) and uh yeah .. the sex sorry mate ... i will tell my girl to do something about that...

The starshiptroopers is fore one reason... BIG GUNS no tech limits and BIG GUNS :p And yeah ... maby Starshiptroopers was a bad example ... but i like the rifle... 2 sec i find a render... ok found one ... cant connect to my server ... will be posted later ..

Monkeh: 1 less shot before you post next time, please. :) :cheers: