I downloaded the Hlaf Life uplink.


May 20, 2003
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It was only a demo but there is a single player mission or two. So far its been good! You start out in the Lamda labs before Black Mesa get nuked.
Im not sure. Ive just started playing. Ill be looking into buying the hole shebang. later
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Doesn't it just include the first chapter or something?

No, you never play those levels in Half-Life! So if you haven't played it then do so.
Hmmm .. I think I played it, but I'm having trouble remembering exactly what it is. Could someone give me a brief description of what you do there?
Uplink starts with a sci and a security guard arguing about opening the door to the Lambda Reactor Complex, but the scientist explains that the door is not going to open if they dont send the "all-clear" but he cant do so because the airstrikes damaged his transmitter, so gordon must go to the dome to transmit the all-clear manually....

after you do so you return at the beginning of the demo and you access the lambda complex, where you met a gargantua...
HL:Uplink comes with the HL:GoTY edition and you can download it off fileplanet anyway.
Just beat the uplink demo. And I am wondering if the uplink demo is also the demo for the 1st Half life?
yeah it's the demo for HL1. It's just called Uplink because it's an orinigal chapter. I played it thru heaps its so good :) try beat it on hard, damn marines >_<