I have decided to stay...

May 15, 2003
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Ok, Jager's comment has convinced me to stay:

Originally posted by Jager
I think you leaving will have an affect on other members, they might decide to follow you and also leave, so DO NOT leave. If you had posted anything offensive then I would want you to leave, but you didn't, so stay.

I logged on to the forums to PM neitzsche about some coding trouble I had... and I looked into my 'goodbye' Topic... i read your comments, and thank you very much :). You have convinced me to stay here, because by and large this is a nice community and I would hate people to leave. I think SpuD said it best:

Originally posted by SpuD
Dont leave, just dont post as much

that is exactly what I will do :)

(Majestic, ironically enough, you had nothing to do with this)
Eh ?, whats all this about badge ?, I was at work :D, thankgod you have decided to stay, I would of cried ;(
Wheres the goodbye thread ? where ? where ? where ? :LOL:
Who knows in these topsy turby times.

Perhaps it was deleted. Perhaps as nietzsche said, it has vanished into the ether which MrBadger so fortunately avoided.

We may never know. Or we might find out in the next post MrBadger makes.
I deleted my goodbye thread... since I almost immediatly regretted my decision to leave. Thank you all :)
Why would you leave? Its a forum, its not like you acctually come here, you just post messages.
Keep on spamming because there's nothing else to do until HL2 arrives! :D
I'm a bit surprised.. I didn't see anything about you leaving or anything :O But I'm glad to see you stay here. It would be sad to see any of you nice chaps leave.
Yes good to see you stay, badgers are the way to go....(dunno, needed somethin to say) YEAH!