I think...



i think this is the box but im not sure ive seen others but they said they made it. check this one out.
is this pretty cool? post some others if u like....:eek:

-Alex Lewis
it says "for display purposes only" which means its not the real box.

BTW there are going to be multiple boxes, one will be a metal box and the others will have different characters on them.
That's not the box. Here's a pic of the official boxes.

"We asked Johnson about this and he confirmed that Half-Life 2 will have several collectible game boxes when it comes out, with images of Freeman, the G-Man, the new character Alyx and a special silver box that will apparently be a limited edition..."

Thanks Jager. I saw those before and they look insanely sweet. Im glad they are using them instead of the one shown here.
ok im sorry

sorry i guess these are the official boxes...

ur right those are much better. thanks for the correction.
Originally posted by Tyl3n0L
which one do you take??

i'm going with the G-man one ;)

im getting the metal box, mmm shiny shiny precious metal.
I thought it was going to be actual METAL not a freakin metal looking box heheh
Originally posted by Newton
I thought it was going to be actual METAL not a freakin metal looking box heheh

it will be metal, those are MOCKUPS.

the final boxes will probably look close, but not exactly the same i dont think, and the metal one, yes yes it will be metal.
Ok that's what I was originally thinking then when I saw that was like "How stupid is that have have a metal looking carboard box :hmph:
I think the metalic one is the main box and the other 3 are foldout ones which fold to reveal different faces.
I talked to Erik on Steam and he said the box art hasnt been finalised yet
Gonna get teh metal box and hit people over the head with it
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