If Gordon wasn't called gordon..


Jun 22, 2003
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ok ppl will probably moan going this isnt HL2 related but shut up for a second... if gordon hadn't been named gordon then what would of been a decent name

i reckon alex price (made up just then)

p.s. this isnt a serious thread
LOL... yesterday i stole a pc while i was at it
If gordon wasnt named gordon.. he would have been named something else.. put it at that

not ment as an insult, I just wanted to use this pic :D
My influence of the dark side has spread.. soon everyone here will be a complete ass... woo.
Ivan the Space Biker, goes well with that old lumberjack model
mmm hate.. I love it.. crispy and refreshing
Originally posted by shibs_himself
Lex Lonehood or Rooster Cogburn.....

or Robby the Shiek...

You sir! spend way to much time alone in the closet
Rooster Cogburn... LOL WTF
i would of put that in the may be pile
No No No Gordon!!!!!!Mabey like a nickname they should of gave him like BlackHawk or Ninjacko I have no idea but its only ideas......
LOL then why are you posting on it, fo you inbred.
Max Power
Joe Starlin
Wayne Rooney
Joe Joe Joey Shabbadoo
Rigadon Neville the 2nd

:LOL::LOL:, sorry I couldnt help myself, fomr now on I will not use pictures to annoy insult someone, i'm very sorry to you all.
No! dont stop simmo.. your doing fine.. now for the evil lessions i only accept check, on a side note.. Crazy Goteeman would have been a fine name for him
Mervin. best name evr~

WAAAAAAAY better than gordon.
Sally, sally would be a good name for him. i've heard of guyz named sally...:cheese: