i'm back

May 24, 2003
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hey everyone im sure you all missed me while i was gone.
i moved to the orlando area i just got cable today.

God, i'm glad your back!

NOT!!!:devil: :devil: , only jokin hehe
why would you want hugs from us, isnt that gay? i thought you hated everything gay :angry:
Yeah Who are you!!!!! And why have you come back! :p ! And why do u hate gays, what have they done to you? lol (i'm not gay btw, before some immature person starts hurling insults)
And Whats Wrong With Homosexuality...hey?!? :flame:
why has everyone got a problem with gay people

ffs... we **** men? ok? get over it
dw Re4lity, lubb probably hasn't been close to either a man or a woman, seeing as he's probably 11......
For The Fact Of Anyone Who Wants A Piece Of This, I Would Like To State,

1. I am not my self Homosexual, in anyway but...
2. I no lots of Gay, Lesbian And Bi-Sexual and I do not take people who slag of them
3. No1, and I mean no1 slags of any of my mates, Fred makes sure of that...And You Don't want to meet Fred........

just a warning before all you 11 year olds start to slag it off because:

1. You do not understand it
2. You are Scared of it
3. because you yourself are unsecure about your own sexuality, and sub-consciously (or maybe consciously) believe that admiting that it's ok, may some how make you Gay/Bi/Lesbian

So shhh!, Shut your Trap
Well said Stone. I still remember the primary school days when people shouted "urrrr you're gay!!" saying it like it was an insult.....it seems some of us still havn't grown up yet......mores the pity
Being called Gay can be an insult to many people. Its like being called a woman, but noone has a problem with calling someone that do they?

Since im not 11 i guess those things mentioned dont apply to me:).

Its ok to not like someone because of a personality trait, but not liking them because they are gay is wrong? Surely this suggests that the homosexuality isnt really a part of them. This doesnt mean to say i dont like gay people.

Anyway i DO have a problem with homosexuality, not because im scared of it or i dont understand it or because im unsure about my own sexuality. Homesexuality in my view is not right. When you look at it, it is fundamentaly against human existance.
When i have Children i honsestly wouldnt want them to be around a gay person until they have reached an age where they wont be confused by such things.

Its difficult for me to get accross what im trying to say because im having to type it not speak it.
Well, Actually being homosexual is perfectly natural, take for instance the evidence presented by every single other animal on the planet, (yes we are still animals and still to some extent follow the natural essance of animals [ie vilonce, sexual tendancies])

All other animals on the planet also have homosexual tendancies...How many times have you seen too supposedly "GAY" dogs, getting it on, It's a perfectly natural thing, every animal does it so why is it so wrong to have to the Animals which we seem consider superiour, which I am completly against, the "human beings".........
Animals dont do it because they are "Gay" they are too stupid to thinjk like that. They do it because it feels nice. Think about it as an example dogs wont just hump other dogs but they will hump ANYTHING even thin air. I also dont beleive in Macro evolution as in we all evolved from goo billions of years ago. So i dont believe that we are like the animals of this planet.
Don't be a bigot, how is it against human exsistance...that makes no sense at all.....
Animals are not stupid,

animals, I believe, are just as capable as us of conscious thinking

and before someone points me to the hypothosis about Personification, this is only a hypothosis, and anyone who has even touched on the subject of psychology should know, these are not facts and are only opinions...

And to consider Dogs stupid, or for a fact any animal as the theory of Personification does so, and as you, Farrowlesparrow, do sugests consciousness, as you have to have a consciousness to be stupid, which completly destroys the therory that they aren't capable of it...

So if they have consciousness they are capable of the decision, just as we are to decide wheter or not we "shag" them...

and I was not sugesting the dogs where gay, just that is what people assume (notice the Speach marks!?!)

and won't a Human shag anything, the only thing stopping them is their social Conscience telling them not to, developed by what sociaty tells them what is right and wrong, which is inhibited by alchol etc... there for allowing you to wake up with that thing that was "fit" last nite on ur arm!?!
how bout.........No!

This is a problem that is meant to not exist in this so called modern society, and still there are narrow minded people out there that do this, It has to be stopped, yes I know that I cannot stop it and it will probably always exist, but I can do my part in trying can't I ?!?
Originally posted by lubb
WHAT KIND OF A POST IS THAT.....look, this is a serious discussion about serious issues and about the general narrow-mindedness of some of these forumites....and I bet that if there was a lesbain on here, u guys wouldn't be all "ewww" I mean really, grow up......
Ok, i let u grown up people talk alone now. By the way, i do not have anything against gay people. So dont be mad at me,
I knew this would happen. I should never have written anything.

As i have mentioned in another post I am a Christian therefore my views are bound to be different to yours. However make no mistake about this. i am not a narrow minded person, quite the opposite. I am always open to new opinions. If you knew me instead of just the text i have put on this forum you would know that i NEVER come to a conclusion without long thought. This is why i am in fact a Christian because i know that it makes sense to be one, in fact since i decided to become a Christian i have seen many things that simply reinforce my belief. If you would just look you would see. That doesn't mean reading into things that aren't there

Now then. Arguments rarely get anyone anywhere, you will probably never change my opinion and i will probably never change yours, that is a simple fact. You may think that contradicts some of what i have just said but it doesn't. Unless one of us was out looking for a different answer to what we know, instead of trying to prove ourselves right it is doubtful we would change our minds.

The reason i said homosexuality is against humanity is because of the simple fact that two gay men cant give birth and neither can gay women without a third party. Sure there is cloning but that isn't exactly gonna be able to sustain a population.

I really don't want to argue because it is completely fruitless, all that it will mean is that you wont like me, which is probably already the case. I came to these forums to have fun and talk about half-life, not to talk about how bigoted i apparently am.

EDIT: MrBadger you mention the thing about lesbians. I would not be drooling all over my keyboard or anything like that, i would be just as serious.
How does being Christian make sense?

Science makes sense, religion does not
I have a couple of things to say before I stop commenting in this thread.

You think science makes sense. Does it? They still don't have 'a theory of everything' sure there is Quantum theory but that doesn't explain the way the universe works completely, there are sill gaps.
I admit that on the outside religion may not seem to make sense. But thats because it requires faith before you really see anything to enforce your belief. You see theres this thing called choice. Now what kind of choice would we all have if God all of a sudden appeared and said, "Hey look a me I'm real".
You may say thats convenient, but alot of people treat this whole thing like I'm trying to draw you into some cult where I'm gonna kill you and steal your money. I'm trying to give you something good but you reject it. If you found out that nuclear bombs were going to go off all over the world wouldn't you warn someone? Of if you found the secret to living forever in perfect health wouldn't you tell someone? Because thats how i feel about this.
I do not know how to reply to that, because in fact, I do not know what you just said

I just think that in a couple of hundred years, Religion will be a thing of the past..... at least in the western world
I am bi sexual

Has anyone here got a problem with it?
Come on, lets just get it out into the open now. If anyone does. say now. ok?
can this be kept serious....
grrrrr ¬_¬ electro...

(so... btw... you free next weekend then?)
why doesnt this topic get on top of the forum when there are new replies? or is it just not working for me?

*edit* oops, was looking in the wrong forum
Well, I'm an Atheisit, And the thing about If "God" apeared and said "Hey look a me im real". then He'd probably be locked away for being mad, there's your modern religion for you!?!
Well......I have never been religious, and it is nice to see that someone is not afriad to put their views out in the open... I can understand what you mean Farrow about your faith, but religion is not the answer to everything.... and you also said this forum is about having fun, well i agree it should be....but people shouldn't say things like "It's gay" as though it's an insult and there is something wrong with them...... being attacked because of your sexual orientation is not fun, so lets just leave all this judgement at home, and be nice to each other, since we all have a right to exsist and be who we want to be....