I'm bored with anticipation.

I applied for a job at a computers hardware store but they turned me down :|
Im waiting for replys, ive sent of a few applications. So far i have one back which unsuprisingly says they are full.
I applied for a job at an icaf :dozey: I'm gonna be booooooooooooooooooooooooooooored
I hate dates, and knowing when things are. It would be good to have instant stasis things like they have on the airplanes on 5th element. If you have to wait like 7 hours before something, and you couldnt be ****ed doing anything untill then, just pass yourself out and have it wake you up just before then.
Yeah, I'm really bored myself. Good thing I have a move and a job at Best Buy (eughhh....retail sucks) to kill summer. Only game I can play nowadays is Halo. It's the only game that doesn't horribly pale in comparison...and that I can run. (My comp really sucks.)

Uh Halo is not out yet, how come you playing it on PC?
No, I mean on Xbox.

EDIT: I kinda phrased my last post oddly. I'm trying to say the only games I can play are games on my Xbox.