Its probably just me...

May 24, 2003
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...but since the announcement of HL2, few other games can hold my interest for very long, with the exception of Half-Life which I seem to play all the time. I can play Medieval Total war for a while but thats it. No other FPS even exists on my computer anymore because I got bored of them shortly after the first article.
With you on the MTW... (just lost an empire through the King not having any heirs before he died -- mucho annoying as my half-longbow armies were just beginning their sweep across Nth Africa).

I can't get into the CS, NS, TFC the same anymore... can play a map or two but gone are the days of 6-7 hours straight fragging at a time.
Yeah. Im kinda at a stalemate at the moment. Im playing as the English and theres only Spain (controling palesitine) but with a huge army, Germany controling most of central Europe, also with a bu army. And then theres Egypt, who control some of the middle east and Constantinople, he doesnt have a very large army but if i capture his territory they rebel, which gives him a super army.

On another note. I think i may have grown out of playing on hte computer for hours on end. Maybe when i have a friend round and we both go on a server il do it, or possibly in strategy games which last ages. Other than that it doesnt hold my interest in the same way.
Yeah, same here. I only have Half-Life on my computer nowadays. Half-Life, DoD, IOS (Soccer mod), and Op4. Though this fall will be interesting. Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Max Payne 2, Deus Ex 2, and (early next year) Halo 2. Mmmmmmmmm....gamer bliss....failing out of university....mmmmmmmm

The only game I'm going to be getting is Half-Life 2, not because i don't want the other games, but simply because all my money is being pumped into buying a new computer (no i wont list its specs because i hate people doing that).
lol, as I write this I have NO games installed, games are just boring now days, until sept 30th that is :bounce:
Well, I am playing Co-op System Shock 2 with my friend :)
Plus got myself Bloodmoon for Morrowind, playing as werewolf if fun. But yeah, I can't play any new FPS, boring.. (same with Vice City).
No freaking fun playing Vice City?Jesus ****ing Christ, it's not the fault of the producers, it's us!!!We don't appreciate original games anymore. We're conventional....
Well I agree, but different people like different things. I loved first GTA 1, hated GTA 2, GTA 3 was boring for me and Vice City is boring too. My opinion by the way...
Yup, I'm with you, Farrowlesparrow. I've lost instrest in the games I was currently playing. HL2 makes every game feel obsolete and HL2 isn't even out yet.
If you're into strategy games, give Rise of Nations a try. I'm hooked, best RTS I've ever played. (It's taking my mind off HL2)
LOL I'm the same there, the only games I play much are CS (the local servers I play on have awesome maps so yeh), Opforce at home and Raven Shield at the icaf with mates (Squad flank left *pow*).

These are still pretty boring, so I've resorted back to Lord of Destruction for fun, created a new Paladin (best class \m/) and trying to do the skill system PROPERLY this time :p

We need some game pimpage in here!! Post some games you really like so others can find something to do with their time... me too :p

Oh and GTA1 is free for download now, go do a search if you liked it :)
Free for download, Ive got it on CD.

I thought Vice City was great game, but i just cant play it anymore for more than about 10 minutes. I think part of my problem is Ive become too attached to games with Multi-Player (With exception of Medieval which doesn't have campaign MP).

Every so often i delve into Morrowind, but Ive had to reinstall it so many times Ive got sick of saving that stupid woman and her precious pillows from like 4 rats.

I'm becoming increasingly interested in MMOG's because at the moment AI cant give the same interaction as other people can. Sadly i don't have the money or time to invest in one. Although after the summer i may get the chance to start playing Eve(which Ive heard is great once you get get the hang of it) or planetside which i never got to play despite being accepted into the beta and even when they had it on Fileplanet i had to wait 2 days to even get the chance to download it.

Hopefully Half-Life 2 will remedy some of my problems. Obviously its not an MMOG but in many ways its better.
Nowadays I'm only playing cs and Magic: Online, some of you should try Magic, it's damn fun :borg:
...and yes, you DO pay real money for your cards, but hey, it's a great game ! And about the GTA games.. hate 'em all :devil:
Not really the type of games I like :\