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May 19, 2003
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I just woke up a few minutes ago and had the craziest dream ever about HL2. I had the game and started clicking through the option tabs, i clicked multiplayer and millions of servers were updating it was crazy. I got into one and it was this level that looked like a junk yard with tons of cars, trucks, doonbuggies, and busted up cars and other shit. Everyone had a gravity gun and there must of been 30 people in the server and it was a pretty big map. I started moving around and got into this little car and as i started driving the action came to me, trucks were flying by someone driving and others in the back with machine guns shooting shit out the back towards other cars and explosions were everywhere....cars were flipping, blowing up, stalling, even people were picking up barrels and shooting them at cars and this one car got hit and barrel rolled about 12 times until it hit another car and blew up. If my dream came to life in that game, i wouldnt leave my chair....ever. Valve does say there will be multiplayer features well if they cant pull it off with something amazing and if not including TF2....well then they need to have some fun ctf/dm maps or someone needs to make one just how my dream was.....it cant get any better than that!
thats a pritty mad dream tbh :/
if it was a feature in the game would own cars flying everywhere n shit
would look well good i dunno how they can keep all the physics
in multiplayer my modem would get raped
you must be looking forward to HL2 ALOT, if your dreaming about it...lol
lol that was my first dream ever. When i first heard about HL2 i use to think about it alot when i was bored and think of all the possiblities but then i stopped and now just waiting for it to be released and an update on TF2. Lol but the dream was kick ass, when i woke up i was like what??? A DREAM?!? NOOOOOOO
hl2 dreams, hahaha this sounds too excessively. :)
Tokin dude...you need to get out and get some fresh air...

I'm not sure it's very healthy getting addicted to HL2 when the game isn't even out yet...
its a prophecy!!
Originally posted by Mr. Redundant
hehe, this coming from the man who started this thread? :p

I'm not addicted...and I don't dream about the game...

I just get the most out of what we've got so far...to kill the time untill the release...which btw is soooooooooooooo loooooooooooooong away....

but it's not like I'm all obsessed with this game(I'm saving that for when it comes out) and having crazy dreams about it...
Originally posted by PriNcE oF SpAcE
Tokin dude...you need to get out and get some fresh air...

I'm not sure it's very healthy getting addicted to HL2 when the game isn't even out yet...

U would wish u had a dream about HL2...

dreaming about a game doesnt mean ur addicted to it... ...or that u dont have a life

WTH do u know about dreams?

I dream about the weirdest shit, yes also games, but I have had dreams of games I never even played much, but becuz they had something special or something that stayed in my mind I guess I dreamt about it.

Just wait till u have some dream u think is kewl, probly someone would reply that u dont have a life...
sounds exciting, even from a block of text, I can imagine the cars flying :}
I had a dream about Half Life 2 a couple nights back... but it was scary and I woke up feeling like crap :p

My allies were all fat weird guys with guns and they'd shout everything at me... and the enemies, I remember one monster I saw in a Doom 3 preview, weird it was there and it was huge. And a few alien slaves. Only other thing I remember is pulling up outside the 'mission zone' in this real cool car, looked strangely like Night Rider but red :afro:

Anyway the only resemblance it had to HL2 was I was using the USP Match and boxes/crates kept falling over when people ran into them (physics :dozey: )
I had this dream that I was walking around Best buy checking out video games and this guy came up to me who looked like one of the guys that approach you at the mall and smell like beef jerky and he said "We're doing a survey" and I said "okay what?" and he said "We're trying to get the public's input about the new Half-Life movie" and I freaked out and started yelling at him because they were gonna take away his glasses and I said "Taking away his glasses would be like taking away his crowbar" and he was like "Ben Affleck doesn't look good in his glasses.... and what the hell would Gordon Freeman do with a crowbar?"


That was a really long sentence...

Then I woke up and thought that my dream was real for like three days...then I realized that it was all a horrible nightmare.
Tell me about it... one of those "wake up screaming" kinda dreams. It had a bunch of other really random crap in it like big inflatable circus-like hl creatures, but I've forgotten most of it now.
AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA that was so damn funny. Ben Affleck OMG that's brilliant, now make a flash movie of it and put it on Newgrounds :D:D

OMFG I cant stop laughing...
I had a REALLY wierd dream last night.. all I can remember was me and my sis walking in a sewer, then suddenly we hear something in the pipes. Suddenly something's moving in the pipe changing its size :)O) so we pull some acid guns and start spraying the pipe, the pipe melts and a crocodile drops.. SO WE ADOPT IT. THE PERFECTLY NORMAL CHOICE TO DO WHEN A CROCODILE DROPS OUT OF A PIPE.
then I remember it ate my dog and 2 other clones of it (dont ask, there were like 5 dogs like mine) and then I cried and a friend of mine said aww whats wrong wanna cry to mommy something like that so I said **** you and beat him up, REAL hard :O

all I can remember. Only thing which connects this and HL2 was that the sewers looked like the ones in the vid with the little flying buggers. :cheese:

I'll just go eat myself now.

and having a dream about something does not mean your obessive....

I had a dream a looong time ago about terminator and I have never been terminator obsseive or even thought it was one of the coolest movies ever....
I ad a dream about doom3 once. I cant remember it but I know that I Never wanted to go to sleep evar again.

anyway.. mostly I have dreams that I cant remember when I wake up. these are dreams that predict something. forinstance. I dreamt a couple of month's back about me totally forgetting a project. anyway.. it happened a week back and only when it happens I can remember the dream, and I get a very strong Deja-vu fealing. It sometimes totally creeps me out. Mabu i should learn to remember my dreams so that I can write them down or something so i can avoid some nasty situations in the future
Two days ago I dreamt my mom dialed from a pay phone back home, I was next to her, anyway, the SECOND she finished dialing, I woke up to find the telephone ringing, and who was it??