Just something to remind us.




This is what the web site looked like and contained when the Concept was first intruduced to us all.

Just think how different this game is going to look now...?

I for one am totaly Hooked..!
hehe i remember when i first saw pictures of tf2
it looked soooo freakin cool!
now when i see it i almost giggle.. considering how hl2 looks and all :)
Thats it m8 i thought to bring it back up, Lots of people will remember this and if they think about how they wanted this game SOOOOooooooo.....Bad...:eek:
did you look at the forums at that site?
unmoderated chaos from the looks of it.. people screaming about poop and stuff :rolleyes:
oh well, i hope they update the site soon with new pictures and so on.. would be great :)

Tell you what m8 most of thouse People have been there in that forum since the bloody Game was announced..Some 4 years ago, And they have acctualy been without Modorators/Modoration for probley well over a year.So your bound to get some weird Twat creating havok in the forums cos no one is there to Ban his ASS.
Things mite start to change now (fingers X) :cheese:
yeah i saw some moderators saying hello.. i guess the e3 has sparked their interest again :)
hehe look at this picture found on the tf2 site :)

/me remembers when they annonced tf2 in 1999 and i thought it was comming soon then. i had high hopes for tf2, with the huge maps and vecs iv seen(fileplanets 500meg vid) it will surpass the dreams i had for it...amazing wut those valve gods did...

/me tips his hat
Did they show anything at the E3 ???
Or did they say something about TF2 ?
i believe all they said was that it was to be annonced after the annocement process for hl2 was done

Looks like they are going to get that award again with HL2 . They took the wind out of IDs sails thats for sure (Stole E3 from under there noses)< Ironic realy because what made HL1 so popular was A Hugley upgraded Quake 2 engine (IDs). You realy have got to laugh.
im glad that valve went and made thier own engine rather than heavily moding an existing engine...feels so unigue and half-lifey...valve has gone above my expectations, or just to be safe, they hit it on the nose...:cheers:
yup every magazine or gamingsite ive been to has put hl2 at their absolute top
im not surprised tho :)

i wouldnt want to be in id's shoes.. hl2 will surely lower their sales alot..
i dont think ill buy doom3

quake4 on the other hand.. hmmm :)
thats true, hl2 raised the bar yet again and im not impressed with doom3 however the leak which i did not play was very scary and had a great atmosphere...graphics wise though i was not thrilled (good textures at to high a cost)

LOL you just said you didnt play the Pre Alpha then you say this.......

leak which i did not play was very scary and had a great atmosphere...graphics wise though i was not thrilled.

To me that sounds like you did...You telling porky pies (lies)..