Lets be creative!

May 18, 2003
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Okey, people!

I know that it can be hard to resist to mod to a new engine, but please, think a little on your designdoc!

If the idea already been done and you really want to do it too, then dont just make it like the first mod, come up with something that can stand out!

We all know that HL2 will have tons of WW2 and anti terrorist mods, but if you have to make it, make it good and diffrent!

Thats my 50½ cents, dont flame me now :)

I have a mod going on, its not sure if it gonna use the Source engine, but thats most likey. Its sure to not be an WW2 or terror mod :)

Keep it real!
Originally posted by SidewinderX143
well, nice to say, but i htink msot of use releazie that....

I dont think so, we still see alot of mods that have already been made. They dont make up new ideas for the mod, just use the old things.
well i for one hope that CS2 sucks, which it will anyway because it has been done before and if it's just a simple remake in the Source engine no one will play it and thats what all lazy mods and ports deserve. Like Red Faction (WHY DO PEOPLE BUY THAT WHEN HL: GENERATIONS IS OUT) sorry everyone, i just had to say it
I agree Majestic 12, I'm working on a mod myself, which i'm now switching to the HL2 Engine mainly because it can do alot more. It was original for HL1, will probably be original for HL2. :)
hooray, with people dedicated to making games that are not lazy at all and are origanal, and deserve to be noticed and played, how can HL2 fail??
I think I'm being pretty creative with my mod idea...and as for as I know (and the rest of my team knows) no one is doing anything else like it.