Many have been affected by a large VAC ban wave


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Aug 27, 2004
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UPDATE 1 [09/15/2016]: As of right now, the number of accounts that have been banned has more than doubled since this post was first published; 11,000 have been affected so far. This number is likely to rise even further as more offenders log into their Steam accounts.

ORIGINAL: According to reports, one of the largest VAC ban waves in years has hit. A little more than 4,000 accounts may have been affected.


Graph showing number of bans over the last year - today's spike on very right

That number comes from To corroborate with that data, a thread on /r/GlobalOffensive references posts from a couple of cheat provider forums. Some posts show staff stating that their hacks have been detected, and others are from users themselves complaining about being VAC'd.

If anything else needs to be said, it's "HA!"
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doesnt matter how many get banned, they will be back tomorrow with new alts. Worry about yesterdays issues today, worry about today's issues tommorrow, so to speak.

Look problem is the lack of bug hunting and valves dis communication to not accept bug hunt finds by rewarding with money those in the community who find them.

We've seen some pokes threw the veil, that show how disingenuous valves steamworks actually is when it comes to security and flaws.

why valve just dont support this is anyone's guess, but most of the theory's are laughable. Be nice if we didn't need to theorise and valve just told us, im sure they will. Its likely to come down to cost to run etc.

there was some guy recently who has a blog, testing overwatch vac for csgo cheats, the results are shocking. cannot remember who it was, maybe its on the subreddit
Interesting, Clan Wolf,

I often feel like my own reports, not just of griefing and hacking, but crude avatars and the like, are quite meaningless and don't add up to anything in the grand scheme. Would be nice to be able to track what happens to the reports you issue, and the idea of rewarding people who've used the reporting system honestly, with money or even weapon finishes, sounds like an interesting solution.

Either way, you're right, we need people to be able to monitor it. However costly it is to run, it seems worth spending.