now i don't think this has been brought to anyones attention as of yet but how hard are the menu screens going to be when making mods now?

in hl1 they were relitivly easy because they were only a few layers, but i expect that hl2's menu will be a massive improvement over hl1's menu and so that would make it much more detailed and so, harder to make a new one for hl2 in my opinion.

although im just speculating becasue no one has seen the menuscreen as of yet.

what do you lot think?
I think it won't be that difficult. It probably will be a look-a-like menu of Half-Life 1.

I think It would be like the HL1 menu, nice, easy and simple but obviously better graphics and sound:p
the HL2 interface has gone some major changes since HL1.
no more locked resolution of 640x480.

I believe we can now customize it and do alot more than we could <3
in all likelyhood HL2 will be even simplerto edit and so forth, :D oh yes, cos Valve actually built the engine with us modders in mind

yes indeedy *trails off into distance humming 'If i had a Hammer..'*