Mod Idea



Hey everyone, I've got a mod idea and I might need people for skinning/modeling, coding etc. It will either be called Black Hunter or Vigilante. The story is:

2006, The FBI have a special covert operatives branch. The operatives are called Black Hunters. One Black Hunter has been hired (you) to do a top secret mission. He walks into the briefing. His superiors tell him, he has a month to terminate a man know only as The Vigilante. The Vigilante has been the man who has set up countless terrorist bombings in the years 2000-2006. Now they have found someone who might know where he is. Balck Hunter gets the name of the man and nothing else. Black Hunter will take place in a city, the CIA office, and the final showdown in The Vigilante's Mansion.

I have real high hopes for it. I think that the CIA building will be all stealth. THis is my first mod I'm making. So anyone interested?
Good stuff. To the point, no bullshit--spot on. Good luck on this project.