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Well I wrote this like 5 min ago. Its just an idea I had for a mod. If anyone likes it and would like to help me work on it let me know. As you can tell the story needs A TON of freakin work and I would be willing to work on it with some people.

Main Character: James Davis – CIA Agent
Year: 2005
Locations: Moscow, Washington DC, European city, Russian City

James Davis: Born July 14, 1978. Lived in Seattle, WA until he graduated from the University of Washington in 2000 when he applied for a job at the CIA. He was accepted and worked low-level jobs for over 3 years before becoming a field agent at the age of 25. Having been a field agent for 2 years now he is working his biggest case/mission to date. The stand off in Russia is very grave.
interesting, but borderline you have coding experience or will you be starting from more than just scratch?

Yeah I know the story needs tons of work but thats why I want someone to help me with it. I need someone that I can bounce ideas off of. I don't know how to program and I am hoping to learn level design with the new HL2 editor. I will basically be the story writer, character designer, content advisor and "manager". I know it sounds fu*ked up but I did this with a mod for Dungeon Siege and it was around for 9 months before we had to disolve it because too many people were heading off to college.

Old Mod -

Thanks for the input. I am looking for more critique please =)
Ian Cheshire
Couple of Bios

Ruslan Matichev – Born February 2, 1950. Lived in Moscow until he was 16, when he moved to Leningrad. Went into the military at a young age and has been in his whole adult life. He slowly moved up the ranks until he gained the rank of General. Stationed at a remote nuclear missile silo in Eastern Russia along with a brigade of extraordinarily loyal soldiers. He is pro-communism and has been trying to get a communist government reinstalled for the past 14 years (since the fall of communism in Russia). He has many ties with high-ranking politicians in Moscow (and in the United States). He has also gained the respect of many Spetsnaz soldiers; because of his fierce tactics and ruthless actions on the battlefield. The grave economy in Russia has left many scientists and soldiers looking for any way to get money and Mr. Matichev plans on exploiting this.

George Nikolai – Born November 19, 1946. Born in the United States to a father and mother who were Russian immigrants and moved to the United States after World War II. Mr. Nikolai lived in Washington DC all his life and got into politics after attending Yale University. He has been a member of the US Senate since he was first elected at the age of 40. Mr. Nikolai is Mr. Matichev’s contact in the US and is very sympathetic to Mr. Matichev’s ideology.
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Could you elaborate on what the standoff is? A revolt(a la Ghost Recon) with Ex-Soviet sturmtruppen?
I like the idea! Oh and Comrade, your title changes with your post count silly! I'm a zombie.