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After seeing the promises of Half-Life 2 and its capabilities I think this will be the perfect oppurtunity to assemble a mod with others that share my ideas and other peoples ideas. I have seen all of these different possible mod ideas and I'm starting to get excited because I can't wait to see what Half-Life 2 is going to pull off regardless of the content offered in the original game. As most of you know part of Half-Life's success was from its driven mod community. Anyways to stop this ranting I really want to make a mod with some people like many others do, but the thing is I don't have an idea for a setting or theme of the mod. People are saying they want to make a WWII mod or a mod like counter-strike but more fun or whatever. For the mod that I want to work on I would like to focus on only one factor that will be incorporated into the game. What I am refering to is a fun game. Now this may sound stupid and if it does it's cool because this is my first time ever approaching anything like this. But I think when people go to make a mod they become to blinded with the special effects, features, realism, etc. I think that if we want to make something that's really cool we've got to make it fun. There have been so many mods that I've played that were great ideas but they just plain weren't fun. I really think that giving the player an exciting experience can be acheived numerous ways. But I guess to sum up all the crap I am trying to say I just want to make a mod that is fun and doesn't try to focus on the realistic setting or graphic detail of the mod. I want to put the fun factor at high priority. For the mod I want to make I'd like to do something that has never been done before but also fill it in with traditional style gameplay. The problem that I see with many mods is that too much gameplay that is very common is just redone and you've just got a new counter-strike with updated models and graphics. This post is pretty empty I will admit, but I like this approach toward mod development and if anyone shares the same or even similar thoughts hit me up ([email protected]) because I really want to give a shot at making a mod.

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My 2 cents.

A lot of people are thinking the same way as you said. Oh that looks cool I really think that a mod about XXX would be so cool to make. But they often forget one really important issue. When making games you have to think about the people who have to play it and not what you think might be cool. Not everyone thinks that fantasy rpg like mods are fun or playing as an frog will be the best they ever played.

Another thing is that people just post on the boards. Hey i got a new mod, please join my team its about cool things like shooting, killing, running, jumping and stuff. Its great that people gets ideas but if they want to become successful mod developers they need more than just a good idea. If you have an idea for a mod. Sit down find some blank paper and start to brain storm on your idea. The main purpose is first to find out. Will this idea hold?
If not why go any further?

If you believe that your idea is a good one then start writing (on paper) more about how the mod will work, classes, 3d models, rules and so on. Why use paper when you have the computer you might ask. Well in most cases the white black doc and the blinking cursor is not the most optimal creative setting. You need to feel free so your ideas will come on their own and not be forced out by.. i must write something now!

You are also able to let your mind drift and 90% of what you are writing will be totally un-useful but they will be part of the prosess that will make you write the 10% that matters.

So you found out that your mod is a good idea and you have alot of loose thoughts about it. now its time to start writing the design document. Take a look hereDesign document And you might get an idea on how a design document is looking. The purpose is simple. To show the different people working on the the project how the game will look. Its the bible of the project. Its takes time and hard work to write a design document from start to finish, well you might never finish as it is going to change all the time as new ideas comes out in the open. But once you are happy with the document then you can start making your mod.

Most people believe that all i need is a website and then people will think its cool. Just must understand that people working on mods are doing it because they want to get something out of it and since mod makers are rarely paid they to have an idea why they want to work on your mod. Maybe they also want to get into the game business and need to have something that that can show and say. I was the 3D animator on the popular XXX mod. Something that you will need to get anywhere with in the business. So remember that people never work with you just because the idea is cool, but because they will get something out of working on the mod. Everybody wants something in the end.

Im not trying to scare of potential mod makers im just trying to give you some idea of what it takes to become a good makers of mods. Im not in the business (not yet :)) and these ideas are my own and something i have been giving a lot of thought.

I hope this might spark a good healthy debate about making mods and the work it requires in order to make it a good game.

So there you have my 2 cents.

ok then, just wondering, cos two of my current team worked on HL: Nam, and there quite talented, so i was looking 2 find more hahahahaha ,lol


Use it :)

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Yeah Bleak I really think your take on the idea of making a mod is good. I see too many people rushing into making a mod without any real thoughts other than some "cool" features. But I think like you said sketching it on paper is a great idea where i'll be starting. Anyways I can't wait to see what Half-Life 2 brings out because there's a lot of talent out there and this is going to be the game I give a mod a try myself.