Modeling for Half-Life 2



Hi there
I want to learn how to model, especially for Half-Life 2, but i don't have any modeling experience at all. I tried making a model with 3D Studio Max, but it didn't really work out. Now I want to try again for Half-Life 2. Can you guys tell me how you learned to model?? Can you point me to good tutorials or books on 3D Studio Max (preferably in Dutch, but English is fine too)

Thanks !!
thanks for reply. :D looks very useful. But id also like to know what tutorials or book you guys used to learn it. ive seen murray h his grenade and evil's monster look pretty nice !!! i want to be as good as them
I learned alot on the tutorials @
thanks for your friendly replies. ill check out those sites

Originally posted by kawai
could you use milkshap 3d to make hl2 models ??

yes i think its possible. maybe its smart for me to start with modeling in milkshape??