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Hello everyone. Just looking to get more experience under my belt. Currently helping out the Galactic Conquest mod for battlefield 1942, but I am looking into switching over to hl2. Anyone who is interested in my help, you can go ahead and email me at [email protected]. Please describe what the mod is about, and provide a link if possible.

ok, u've got mail :) Domestic Dispute Mod

gangs, police, robbers, and fast cars .... :)
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ok, u've got mail :) Domestic Dispute Mod

gangs, police, robbers, and fast cars .... :)

and fast women? if theres fast women im in FOR SURE!
What kind of models do you make? Judging from your experience, I would assume vehicles.

Also, what kind of mod are you looking to work with? Realistic War, Sci-Fi, etc.
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Well there might be hookers, junkies and similar NPC's :cheers:

For more info :

wow, someone advertised the site :) cool

ya, the site would be updated big time put we r having FTP problem at the moment

to da ladies:cheers:
Well, cant say what ive been doing with GC currently, but really, i can/am open to modeling anything. I would prefer a sci-fi/fantasy mod, or one that I find awesome :D

Im making a horror mod for HL2 called Project Safan contact me for the story and stuff because at the moment we had a host problem and are getting a new host and site may be back up within this week. But if you want story to consider the mod email me at [email protected] Thanks.
in for a challenge?

check out the Slugs & Steel website and lemme know if your interested. we're mostly looking for player/weapon modelers right now. we need skills though. larger weapons (rifles) will be around 2000 - 3000 polys and character will be around 5000+

Our mod Cause And Effect is in need of pretty much everything. Cause and Effect is (currently planned to be) a singleplayer mod, inspired by the movie 28 Days Later. It's a horror/survival game. The enemy models will (obviously) be designed to instill a feeling of terror in the player, and the weapon models will consist mostly of small arms (shotguns, pistols, a couple rifles). Email or PM me if you're interested.

BTW the story is being rewritten, so the "Story" section of the website is currently empty.
Oooh, so many to choose from. just so you guys know, I havent ignored anyone, trying to find the mod Id like to go to work for the most.