Mods for HL2



I've already seen some alright looking mods make their peek into HL-2.

- Last Great War
- Hit Squad
- Russian Front ( this mod was orignally going to be HL, but they waited for HL2, most of their work is done)

There is a list of em on www.

Are any of you guys starting to think of making mods?
I am going to make a fishing mod. :cool:

yehyeah it's not cool to fish or it's just for rednecks blah blah. But i have never seen a good true fishing game.
Fishing in Zelda Ocarina of Time was one of the funnest things in the game imo...

It could be fun, if its done to be fun...if its done to be "realistic" it would got old fast.
zelda ocarina of time is the best game ever created