More News!!


May 29, 2003
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i have gaming sites that i check frequesntly because they update news all the time. needs to too! Even if its minor news, POST IT! or - looks around - steal news from other sites:rolleyes:
...Look at my thread ;)

3rd one down from this thread (at time of this post) :eek:

omfg ya this is the most low updated site man !

it really blows !
I know Sherrill, but nothing happend after that, so i made this one!
Maybe Munro can shed some light on what happened to the mysterious Hyperion, who is supposed to be "News and Content Manager" according to the Site Staff page: He's made a grand total of 3 posts and the last was before E3. Seems he might have gone back to his old site... (soon becoming Sad to say that Hyperion is also from Finland (where I live).

So why don't some of you enterprising lot help Munro out and join the team? The forums here are clearly the best HL2 forums around, and it shouldn't take too much effort to collect the measley scraps off info were going to get between now and Sept 30, and keep this site at the top of the HL2 heap.

Just a thought.
You can write your own news thingys then send it to munro so he can put it online...or something.
Yes this site lacks news. If you want to keep your visitors, the site needs daily updates.