Multiplayer Lag



Will the new and improved graphics engine increase multiplayer lag as the amount of traffic betwen players increases? Any have any info on this?
Not according to Valve. Apparently client comps will compute many of the physics calculations independantly.
You see, as explained, the different things on the server will be handeled client side AND server side..

that means big things like barrels, boxes, crates etc would be handeled server side, and stuff like soda cans, telephones etc would be handeled client-wise, so what so others might not :borg:
Would be interesting to see what they consider "small" things. Would a keyboard be considered a small thing? Probably. But I think it's big enough to push in front of a vent opening and block access.. Or if you hold it with the gravity gun to block a bullet or two. :\
I think if the object(s) has no effect on the players, but reacts accordingly to the environment, then it's a "small object"

Say, soda cans, you can't "stand" on it, step on it while walking over it, but instead, they are "ghost" objects which players can't interact with, but the objects themselves interact with the environment.

So I assume "small objects" are referring to those.

Another thing I was thinking is that, the physics won't be fully used in multiplayer. For example, TF2, if it's on Source engine, the physics won't be fully used. Like maybe you can't shoot wooden supports and make the objects on it fall. Yeah, that suck, but maybe the physics can be used to the extend where it only applies to vehicles, so there won't be clipping problems and such.

It's just a speculation anyway. Don't quote me on that.
God help me if the net code is a bunch of cherries, but the HL1 net code was amazing so HL2's probably will be :D