My first dirt texture (Feel free to use)



Hey, I made a sorta... Rocky dirt texture. It's 2000*2000 and in PNG. If anyone is interested in using it, click here. It's RAR'd, so use a program like WinRAR to open it.
can you post a low res jpg? i dont feel like downloading the rar. aren't .pgn files compressed already?
Turns out I have winRAR after all.

Why did you zip it, the png format is already compressed you didn't save any in filesize, plus .PNGs will display in web browsers...

Also what are the strange line artifacts that can be seen close up? And do you have a bump map for this texture? It lookes like it is already lit & shaded...

Other than that it looks promising.
You would need to fix the strange line artifacts before this could be of much use. Also, the biggest issue I found, was that the texture is not seamless. You'll have to use a program to fix that (I've done it by hand in Photoshop before).

I put up a couple of quick examples of what can be done with seamless textures. I used random pictures of dirt from the internet and made them seamless.

Seamless Textures Examples
those are maby seamless.. but those texures still look bad in a game. you will still notise the repeating texture effect because in the sand you have a darker patch. this will show very clearly in a game that it is a repeating texture

edit: If you need a good tutorial on how to make non seamless textures in to almost perfect seamless textures without the repeating texture effect then look here
That texture looks like it's from a render (from the line artifacts) or it's at least computer generated. It makes sense to get your original to tile rather than to PS it (wich only really has to be done for photos). If it is a render, render it without shading and generate a bump map and normal map from the same geometry.
It was done in Paint Shop Pro. ;) The line artifacts are an attempt at dead grass, covered lightly in dirt.. *shrugs*
the chances are when that texutre was scaled down to a useable resolution (chances are, only people with 256mb gfx cards will be able to see 2k x 2k textures) those pieces of grass would be invisible. Try scaling it to 256x256 in PSP to see what I mean.