New HL2 Screenshots + concept art!


May 27, 2003
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Apparently there is a moratorium on posting magazine scans here .. so the best thing I can do is give you the link to the site:


For those of you who don't speak Russian, just click on the 8th and 9th links on the left.

My guess is that industrial machinery and elevator things are inside the citadel .. and could that tank be the "Dog" mentioned in the interviews?
I had those images in my 15 page supplemental that came with the June issue of PC Gamer. Most of it appears to be concept art, but all very interesting indeed.
hehe Sirius....its 16 pages!!!! and yes ive seen those but stilll cool looking
dude brand new the artwork shit...nice work ya mate.
I think the dog is a robot built by alyx. Could be tho I guess but I'm expecting something that looks... well... more like a robot and less like a tank.

I had the feeling that "dog" was going to be a little more manuverable. That thing looks way to wide to be useful in anything but the open street.
You're right, it's 16 pages. However, that's counting the front cover. Sooooo :cheese:
Some interesting stuff though. Gotta love the art.
did any of you read on that site what they called this pic :) http://www.******/enemy/images/alien.jpg
The tank looks like part off the combine. so it is no DOG!

I expect the DOG to look more like a dog
Has anyone seen these?
:>~, the 16 pages I'm referring to are from a supplemental you get for purchasing June '03's issue of PC Gamer. At least in the states you do. Not sure about anywhere else.

BTW, probably one of the most odd yet original forum names I've seen. :cheese:
I totally love the Strider concept picture (have it as a avatar @ the moment)