New HL2 Trailer! (Not Official!)



Have you guys seen it? I think it was put together pretty well.

It's 6 minutes and 20 seconds long, and is about 60MB. If you guys want to check it out, I've got it mirrored (from FilePlanet) at
thanks pal. im dl it right now so if it's crap ill be coming back for YOU. :frown:

Is that the one that essentially just shows the screenshots that were released when the NDA was nullified? Just want to know, as I'm on dialup and don't want to spend four or five hours downloading something I've seen before.

I watched it and it's basically a bunch of cool clips pieced together...turned out pretty good, though. :) And no, no screenshots, all just clips of footage from the huge 500MB E3 movie, which I also have for download there. ;)
May not have had any new footage, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless - good music, too.