new info on half life 2



so where's the new stuff ?

big forum talk that something came out on the first ?
or was it all lies
I saw another thread, which someone e-mailed some valve person and its only the e3 vid or summin :(
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I saw another thread, which someone e-mailed some valve person and its only the e3 vid or summin :( good quality and great sound :bounce:
hmmm you think the direct feed download will be bigger or smaller than the 600mb already released?
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the 600mb

mb = mili bit
MB = Mega byte



I think it will be smaller tbh, it will not be an avi or mpg me think...

hl2.steam or something
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mb or MB
dont be so pedantic, you knew what he meant

It's a BIG diffrence... :cool:

and yeah, i knew what he meant
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If you're so pedantic, you should at least be correct.

The standard notation is defined as: mb for mega-bit (1024 kilo-bit) and MB for mega-byte (1024 kilo-byte).

thought M was Mega and "m" Mili

so Mb is Mega bit and MB megabyte :dork:
nobody messes with mili bits, thats like trying to count the 4 oceans with a eye dropper.
Originally posted by PriNcE oF SpAcE you think they'd be able to shrink it down noticably?

100 megs prolly... with their 1337 VALVe Movie (tm) tech :cool:

(u can always wish)
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It's a question of size vs. quality. Sure, they can considerably decrease the size of the movie, by using a codec with a stronger (lossy) compression algorithm. It doesn't make sense though, as the improved video is supposed to be of a higher quality than the one recorded with a hand-held camera.

VALVe are wizards, they can do magic.... (i hope :p )
if it's direct feed it will always be better quality if they use the same compression techniques. even if they use slightly worse, as half the screen is just taken up by blank space in the cam versions
Even Valve can't magically release incredible new video and audio codecs without also releasing new decoders. While 600Megs seems a bit much, I'd say they're probably going to be prety huge.
They could release broadband and narrowband version of the same vid. Depends how kind they are feeling for 56k'ers. The bigger the better i say, longer and greater quality.

They could fit a decent hour into a 600Meg file imo, so i dont think itll be near that big.
i pirated Spider Man full movie, it was about 600 MB. so , im guessing this vid. will be around 200 - 300 MB
who cares what format the movie comes in or any of the crap you guys are talking about, as long as there's a movie coming out i'm happy.
This video we are getting on monday will have more difference from the e3 vid than just graph and audio quality.

I read in the Valve info thread I think, that the e3 vid had many demo playback bugs, like the crowbar didn't seem to hit things. And I suppose it's been fixed by now. And there might have been improvements in the maps too!
Well, assuming they really want to show us all the work they've done since then: they might want to keep it under wraps, and so just release the vids from that e3 build. Of course, what you suggest would be impressive too: sort of prove that they can easily make the game tons better.
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I guess sooner or later we have to use the revised terms that the International Electrotechnical Commission standardized in 1998.

But it takes a while getting used to:

kilobits are kibibits, kilobytes are kibibytes, megabytes are mebibytes, etc.. Plus, the old terms were redefined as having a base of 1000 instead of 1024. Really confusing for old-timers.

I tend to agree with this guy: