New (ish) HL2 screens that need adding to the site!


May 9, 2003
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these pics are not in the sites screenshot galleries...




They have been seen before in magazines but not in large quantities online... :afro:
:cheese: Hey very cool I had the first pic but not nr. 2 or 4 and the third I only had in some small crappy res :)

Textures in games still look a little cartoony.

That fire and water though are photo real.
I cant help but notice that in the second pic the shadows all go the same direction. This may help confirm the speculation that the pics with the shadows going different directions was probably an earlier build.
Huh. I haven't seen any of those two fire pics....interesting. Thanks Matt. :cheers:

Is it just me or are those flames 2D sprites, and not 3D? (To avoid getting flamed, no pun intended, the flames DO look incredable, but I'm just curious if they are sprites)
Awesome, I've seen those, but not at those high resolutions :)
:flame: :flame: :flame:

Anyway, kinda does. Though it's hard to tell. I'm pretty sure it'll be 3D in the final build, though. I have faith in Valve.

3d fire? do you realize how incredibly difficult that would be to code so it looks real? i'm sure they'll just stick with sprites since most people are willing to trade-off actual 3dness for quality.
Yeah but I hope they do something to avoid it looking the same from all sides and flattening where it hits the ground :(
Damn ! This game is looking more and more excellent by the minute - not sure I can contain myself until september !
Well at least 2nd picture confirms that the combine "tower" is real model, not some backdrop bitmap.
With the first picture it looks like someone doesnt know the meaning of the phrase 'Anti-Aliasing'! :E
WOAH !! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Nice pictures, haven't seen the first one before !
Keep 'em comin' :> :borg:

I never saw the concept art for that flying robot, Good find Matt!
Still not added to the sites gallery!

/me kicks Munro

That's some nice looking water there.
Neat pics Matt!! Where did you find those? - I thought I'd seen them all.

The other pics are really old - they were among the first ones leaked out - but it's great to see them high res, thanks.
he found those images at, as you can see by the image properties ......
Woah .. I've never seen this one .. (then again, I was mostly drunk for the past 3 days :cheers: )

A little overkill with that wrench alyx is holding, maybe the g-man should hold a hammer. :)
I wouldn't be suprised if gordon sticks that crow bar in your brain after that comment!! :E