No more warcraft/blizzard ?

Did you even read the article? Blizzard isn't finished, just four of their key members (including founders) have left to start a new game company.
Bill Roper
I have absolutely no doubt that they will keep fighting the good fight. We tried to leave them in a good place, and I honestly expect that Blizzard will continue to make great games.
Who knows if this will affect their level of quality within their games. Probably not..
Ya man they will do just fine..except Roper was doing all the presentations world wide and the other guys who left were the main artist/concept and idea givers..ya they will do just fine
I hope this doesnt ph*ck up our chances of getting a good StarCraft 2:dozey:
Well, at least Star Wars: KOTOR is coming out in a few weeks and this won't affect that....