Not spam

May 24, 2003
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Although the topic is spam.

It has already been mentioned that there should be a special thread for spam like subjects. But will the be enough? There is so much spam on the off topic boards now its hard to count. Perhaps there should be a board dedicated to spam. They did it at the valve erc and that seemed to work pretty well. I think there has recently been a flood of new people or inactive long timers just starting to post, and they are all spamming. Its getting annoying, because not only is it useless, but it pushed serious topics off the page to where people may never see them again.
Just wondering:

(and I asked Majectic this too)

Who do you consider to be spammers?

No but i am feeling light headed. Seriously im feeling really bad, im going to lie down soon.

But what i was saying is that if you cant beat the spam, why not just put it somewhere you dont have to look at it.