Obvious question, but not braught up



Well I think the most obvious question is that

'If you havent seen Half-Life2 how do u know that its going to be suited to clan game play ?'

There is again the arguement if it wasnt accomidated to clan game play then valve = loonies. But there is alot of factors u cant even conceive at the moment. Things like, the average clan size (10vs10 games might be standard) the way the clan would be run (you cant work out positions or tactics untill you have seen the game) It just seems to me as a helpless reach for attention for people to create clans at this early stage.

but thats just me.
I don't really like how clans are really today at HL..
so competitive and angry \:
I think clans that already have teamed up for HL2 are mostly close friends who just wanna play together and have fun.. myself as an example.
Yeah thats the best kind of clan.

I remember there were times when i was asked to join clans and not only did i have to change my name, i was also not aloud to play certain types of game modes and could only go on speific servers. Added to this i had to bow to every word spoken to me by anyone who had joined even an hour before. Then there was the clan matches which were 'team' orientated e.g. all the new guys run out as cannon fodder. Or if you missed a shot you would be banned for life.
I also think that clans that are really really overly competetive and angry suck hard. I mean, really, we only play computer to have some fun right?
lol..some clans are right groups of assholes for sure.fun is what its all about at the end of the day.
Damn who the hell did you guys play with OMG. I have never met clans or guilds that bad. If you really couldn't find any clans that was decent to its players then make ur own and beat the shit outa the asses.
Also I have no doubt in my mind that the mods will be clan friendly. One of the reasons HL's mods were very popular is because of clan competitions. It would be finantially smarter to be clan friendly. And even if it wasn't there DEFINITALLY would be mods that would be.